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Holiday Home Remodeling Guide

2018 Holiday Remodeling by Renewed Remodeling

The holiday season is when family and friends come together to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company. But is your home ready to comfortably entertain all of your guests? When your kitchen, guest rooms, bathrooms, or basement isn’t conducive to the preparation and entertainment of your many guests, it can make an already stressful time even more so. But, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore! With a pre-holiday home renovation, you can not only make your own day-to-day life outside of the holidays easier and more enjoyable, but also impress your guests from the holiday seasons to all other times of the year!

Renewed Remodeling's Holiday Home Remodeling Guide - Prepare to entertain your guest...

If you’re ready to make a change to your home, it’s not too late! Now is the time to make some home improvements before the holidays are upon us. Your home remodel doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking that involves knocking out walls or completely gutting a room, either. There are many options available to you that that can make an equally noticeable impact!

Which Areas Should You Begin With?

Are you ready to start on your home renovations before the holidays? Let’s begin with six areas in which your guests are sure to notice your efforts!

Suggestion 1: Kitchen Remodel

As it’s been said, the kitchen is the heart and the soul of the home. It is where family and friends gather and where many cherished memories are made, especially during the holidays. Hours upon hours are spent in the kitchen during the holiday seasons cooking elaborate dinners, baking Christmas goodies, and so much more. With all of this cooking and baking going on, homeowners often feel like there just isn’t enough room and get to feeling overwhelmed with clutter and chaos.

A well-done kitchen remodel will successfully eliminate these issues. Your remodel can create new storage and organization solutions, free up more countertop space, and allow for more room to entertain your guests. You can also add a double oven for much more efficient cooking! So, not only will your kitchen remodel have a practical impact, but an aesthetic one as well. Your family and friends are sure to be wowed by your newly renovated kitchen this holiday season!

Holiday Kitchen Remodeling - Holiday Home Remodeling Guide - Renewed Remodeling

Choose from any of these updates for your new kitchen remodel:

  • Replace old floors
  • Update or replace cabinets
  • Replace old countertops
  • Upgrade appliances
  • Replace old fixtures
  • Install a new backsplash

Holiday Bathroom Remodeling - Holiday Home Remodeling Guide

Suggestion 2: Bathroom Remodel

With as much time that is spent in bathrooms, it’s important to make sure your guests for the holiday season feel at home by providing a space in which they can unwind every morning and each night. Updates that you can consider making to your guest bath include:

  • Replacing old floors
  • Updating or replacing cabinets
  • Replacing old countertops
  • Replacing old fixtures
  • Replacing existing shower or bath

Don’t forget to update your towels, bathmats, and any other linens your guests will use!

Suggestion 3: Basement Remodel

Is your basement unfinished? If so, now is the time to get started on it! A finished basement gives your family and its guests more space to gather and, with added bedrooms, a place for your guests to rest and relax. Just a few of the many benefits of having an updated or remodeled finished basement for the holiday season include:

  • Gaining extra rooms for guests that have traveled from out of town
  • Adding a bar or secondary kitchen to help alleviate congestion in the main kitchen, while at the same time, providing another space to gather and entertain
  • Creating an area for children to play, allowing for all of the adults to be able to gather elsewhere for conversation

Renewed Remodeling - Holiday Home Remodeling Guide - Prepare to entertain your guest...

Suggestion 4: Living Room Remodel

Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in a home. You want your living room to be cozy, inviting, and allow for plenty of sitting room, especially when your home is full of guests for the holidays. A living room remodel can make sure you have just that! Consider incorporating these elements into your remodel:

  • Opening up a wall to create an open floor concept, allowing for your guests to move more fluidly between rooms
  • Building a butler’s pantry or another serving area that will provide a separate space to serve food and drink
  • Updating your fireplace in order to create a focal point and a place to gather around

Suggestion 5: Entryway Upgrades

Entryways tend to collect clutter and become a catchall for anything you enter your house with. And, with the entryway being the first thing your guests see when they are welcomed into your home, it’s important to make sure it feels welcoming and clean.

In order to create a more aesthetically pleasing and organized entryway, redesign the space to allow for storage. Add custom or built-in storage that will give your family and guests places to put their coats and jackets, shoes, bags, and umbrellas.

The entryway is also the perfect place to display your holiday décor. Welcome your guests by adding holiday arrangements and décor on your entryway table, or even a holiday wreath on your front door.

Entertainment Upgrades - Holiday Home Remodeling Guide

Suggestion 6: Entertainment Upgrades

How many times have you found yourself, alongside your family and friends, gathering around your television watching football on Thanksgiving or movies during Christmas time? Probably quite a few. Make your experience even more enjoyable by upgrading your entertainment area.

To really make a statement-making difference, add a built-in entertainment system that is sure to grab attention, all while providing storage for cable boxes, power cords, gaming consoles, and anything else that may be connected to your television.

Additional Benefits of a Holiday Home Remodel

For many homeowners, especially those with older homes, they may worry about old, frozen pipes that might burst during winter months. Frozen pipes may end up costing a large sum of money to fix and can cause many other issues within your home. By remodeling your home before the winter months hit, you give yourself the opportunity to replace those old pipes – and anything else that may be outdated and hazardous – in order to protect yourself from future damage.

You can also save yourself some money in the long run during your renovation process by updating your flooring, installing new windows, and insulating the walls, amongst other things. Addressing these issues now will save yourself a noticeable amount of money down the road when paying your utility bills!

And, of course, a well-done home renovation also increases the value of your home. So, once you’re ready to put your home on the market, you won’t have to worry about hurriedly making all of the renovations at once.

Additional Benefits of a Holiday Home Remodel -  Holiday Home Remodeling Guide

Tips and Tricks to Save Space During Holiday Entertaining

A great host or hostess always makes sure their guests are well provided for, comfortable, and feel like they’re at home. Here are some tips and tricks to help make sure your guests enjoy themselves at your holiday gathering:

  • Put your bar in a room outside of your kitchen area in order to avoid too much congestion in one area. Also, set up individual serving areas for appetizers and other snacks throughout the house, which will also keep guests from setting up camp in one area the entire time. The dining room, living room, or the basement are all great options for your bar and serving areas.
  • Provide an array of seating arrangements throughout several rooms. Try not to place a single seat by itself. Instead try creating seating areas of at least two so that guests can have conversations with one another. Be creative!
  • Set up a fun table for the kids. Add a tablecloth that can be colored on for some additional entertaining.
  • Make sure there is plenty of surface space throughout standing areas for your guests to set plates and drinks on.
  • Have a designated place to put guests’ coats and bags as soon as they enter your home. If you don’t have a coat rack or entryway closet, a spare bedroom is another option.
Don’t Wait Any Longer!

In order to get best acquainted with the new layout of your remodeled home, start now so you have plenty of time to get accustomed to the new layout before the holidays, especially if you’ve made some major changes. There’s no need to add the stress of digging through boxes upon boxes of kitchenware, bedding, linens, and anything else you may have packed up during the remodel at the last minute trying to get ready for holiday entertaining.

Get Started Today!

Give yourself and your family the best Christmas present you all can enjoy! Don’t waste anymore time! Call Renewed Remodeling at 316-518-2580 today to schedule your home renovation, just in time for the holiday seasons! We serve the Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas. Our professionals are ready to start working on getting you into the home of your dreams!

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