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Siding by Renewed Remodeling

New siding can completely transform the look, and functionality, of your home. Not only does it make the exterior of your home more appealing, but it also protects its exterior and provides much needed insulation, especially with the Kansas weather. Choosing the right siding will easily increase the overall value of your home – what could be better than that?


Types of Siding

There are several different types of siding available to choose from:

  • • Vinyl
  • • Engineered Wood
  • • Aluminum
  • • Wood
  • • James Hardie (Fiber Cement Siding)
  • • LP


The type of siding you choose will affect the final look of your home’s exterior and will also affect the cost of installation.

Siding Price Factors

Many different factors will determine the final price of siding installation. The type of siding, size of the home, materials, and even style of the home will be factored into the final cost.

  • • Higher quality material will be priced higher than its lower quality counterparts. But, with higher quality also comes more durability and a longer lifespan. We have several different options available for you to choose from in order to stay within your budget.
  • • A larger home will require more materials and a slightly longer installation process, which will also affect the final cost.
  • • The shape of the home will affect the cost of installation, as well. Houses with turrets, eaves, or multiple stories require a more detailed and customized installation than a standard box-shaped house, which may result in a slightly higher price.
  • • Removal or laying over of old siding also comes at an additional cost. In some instances, new siding can simply be installed over the old, but in other cases, the old siding may need to be removed. After a consultation, our team will be better able to determine which option would be best for you. The length of time that is expected for siding installation and/or removal is factored into the final price.
  • • The time of year may also make a difference in the cost. If you’re looking to save some extra money, consider installing new siding during fall or winter, which are the off-seasons. Spring and summer months are often the busiest times of the year, so schedule your siding installation soon!


How You Can Estimate Your Costs

Our team will gladly come out to measure and provide you with an estimate for installation. But, if you’d like to try to calculate what it may potentially cost yourself, here’s how you can calculate your home’s exterior square footage:

For each side of your home that will require siding, grab a piece of paper and draw out the wall. Then, break up the drawing by dividing the area into triangles and rectangles.

  1. Measure the triangles and rectangles and jot down those measurements.
  2. Repeat this for each side of your house.
  3. Once you’ve measured all sides, add up all of the triangle and rectangle measurements from each side in order to calculate the area.
  4. To calculate the area of your triangles and rectangles, use the following formulas:
  5. Area of rectangle = height x length
  6. Area of a triangle = (height x length) / 2
  7. Finally, to determine your home’s exterior square footage, simply add all of the calculated areas together. Then, multiply that figure by the cost per square foot of the siding to calculate your estimate. Don’t forget that taxes will be added on at the end.
  8. Of course, for a more accurate price from our professionals, contact us to schedule an estimate!

Siding Wichita, Kansas

No matter the project size, Renewed Remodeling is ready to take on the challenge. We service Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas. Call us today to discuss your next project! We can’t wait to work with you!